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PIMA COTTON AT A GLANCE                5 sizes, 12 new patterns/prints

Pima cotton is the world’s finest, prized for its exceptional durability, softness and brilliant luster.

  • Softer and more absorbent than other cottons
  • Ideal growing conditions in coastal Peru create the best quality pima cotton in the world
  • Due to its extra-long 1-3/8" staple length, Peruvian pima cotton is especially soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling
  • Environmentally friendly hand-harvesting results in brilliant white fibers which dye beautifully and are free from scratchy impurities
  • Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin

Pima cotton has unparalleled softness, is extremely durable and highly resistant to pilling. Pima cotton is hypoallergenic and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin types. The reason for this lies in the weaving process; because the cotton fibers are longer than traditional cotton, there are fewer fiber ends exposed on the surface of your garment. This means on a micro-level there is less scratching and friction between your skin and the fabric. Pima cotton also works as an ideal fabric for those who easily sweat and tend to be sweaty sleepers. The fibers are extremely absorbent and wick away moisture without weighing you down—keeping you comfortable and cool all night long.


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