Bon Domi Foam Mattress Unquilted
Bon Domi Foam Mattress Unquilted

Bon Domi Foam Mattress Unquilted

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Foam density 1.2 and 1.5.

Our high quality foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly, like having billions of little springs supporting you. Pressure points are significantly reduced, up to whopping 80%, which only Bon Domi foam can provide. A memory foam mattress is made from a specialist foam that moulds to your body. These have become the mattress of choice for many, as they provide a unique level of comfort that helps to aid support throughout the night. The material is incredibly beneficial as a platform for sleeping on, as it reacts and softens when exposed to heat. What this means is that your body heat helps to form a foam mattress to a shape that will perfectly hug your body.

Mattresses and Bases are too big to be delivered with a carrier. For local and abroad deliveries, please contact us before to check out.

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